Dave Emmons is a graduate of the Lewis & Clark College in Illinois, the Broadcast Center in St. Louis, MO, and attended Lindenwood College in St. Charles, MO.  He has managed and owned businesses, and has played the drums and guitar in bands for 45 years.  In 1968 he signed up for Vietnam because his brother got orders to go and his wife was pregnant; Dave went instead of him.  He was a combat Platoon Sergeant and had top secret clearance nuclear weapons training.  Dave has been a UFO/ET experiencer since the age of 13 and has been seeking answers ever since.  Tune in every Friday night from 9:00pm - 11:00pm as Dave and his guests give you facts and experiences of the paranormal.

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Dr. James Weldon

David White

Dr. James Weldon 2nd interview

Dr. James Weldon (1)
Dr. James Weldon (2)
Dr. James Weldon (3)
Dr. James Weldon (4)
1 - David White
2 - David White
3 - David White
4 - David White
5 - Dr. James Weldon
6 - Dr. James Weldon
7 - Dr. James Weldon
8 - Dr. James Weldon

Michael Horn

Tom Althouse

Penny L.A. Shepard

1 - Michael Horn
1 - Tom Althouse
2 - Michael Horn
2 - Tom Althouse
3 - Michael Horn
3 - Tom Althouse
3 - Penny L.A. Shepard
2 - Penny L.A. Shepard
1 - Penny L.A. Shepard
4 - Michael Horn
4 - Tom Althouse
4 - Penny L.A. Shepard

L.A. Marzulli

Charles Christian

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